A place for all those crafty design words we use.

I have started a quick, fun project whose official name is yet to be determined. The idea was spawned by a conversation with a fellow designer on the bus ride home from school. We sat and had a healthy debate around the definition of “affordance” and how it should be defined in the context of web based interactions (Ya I know, kinda nerdy).

As designers we have a whole vocabulary of fancy (sometimes ridiculous) words that we often throw around in conversations. I have often found myself nodding in agreement though honestly a bit fuzzy on what that word exactly meant. So John, Annie and myself have taken up the task to create a simple place that defines words in the context of design and perhaps even give a helpful sentence so that you can use them like a pro. So if words like proprioception, affordance, and ontology peek your noodle, then this will be the place for you. Perhaps you will even learn a word or two to impress your design colleagues.

The site is going to start (very) simple, but hopefully will evolve in complexity and features. I will keep you up to date on our official launch!