I am a huge fan of Eliot Rausch. He tells stories that brutally portray the current broken state of humanity. The films challenge us to question the “status quo” and to rethink life from a new perspective. It’s beautiful.

Watching his films remind me of why it is so important to stay grounded and focused on whats most important in life. It is so easy to get distracted by all the “busyness” of life that we forget to savor and enjoy the precious moments of each day.

RSA Animate did an excellent job at bringing to life the words spoken by Dan Pink about what drives us to work everyday. I whole heartidly agree the importance of a purpose driven workplace.

Reminds me of a similar article in Sky Magazine (I know of all places) called The M Factor, that  focuses the conversation around the Millennial generation and its desire to work somewhere with purpose and meaning.

Shared to me by Ted Pollari via NPR.

I have been learning a bit about user storytelling and was inspired by this beautiful video. Its message and technical detail create a video that is both moving and spiritually inspiring. I think this level of sophistication would be a unique approach when creating summary videos for user research.

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