• Salesforce.com   |   User Experience Designer   |   San Francisco, CA, 2012 -

      • Works with a team of developers, researchers, & visual designers to create and enhance core platform products
      • Translates user requirements and complex business problems into highly usable digital products
      • Drives development of clean, efficient, useful interface designs from conceptualization through implementation
    • Best Buy   |   Interaction Designer   |   Minneapolis, MN, 2011

      • Created a consistent “Best Buy” experience that transcended across all the gaming interactives (web, mobile, touch)
      • Started from the ground up to develop blueprints, wireframes, and prototypes while utilizing key frameworks to ensure a holistic customer experience
      • Assisted the UX designer in usability testing in both the in-store and controlled settings
    • Oxiem Interactive   |   Visual Designer   |   Springfield, OH, 2010

      • Designed a variety of concepts for web, print, and software interfaces
      • Assisted and led creative projects for clients in industries ranging from electronics to health care to entertainment
      • Interacted with art, account, development, and content team members to craft client solutions and ensure design integrity
    • Cedarville University   |   SGA Communications Director   |   Cedarville, OH, 2009

      • Served as lead designer for all major student campus events, including Cedarville’s music awards show “Elliv”
      • Used budgeted funds to produce campus-wide marketing and awareness campaigns, using print, web, display, direct mail, signage, and video
      • Planned, designed, and implemented staging and event display elements


  • Master of Design

    May 2012   |   GPA 3.7
    IIT Institute of Design
    Chicago, IL
  • Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design

    December 2009   |   GPA 3.7
    Cedarville University
    Cedarville, OH


  • Design

    Ethnographic & secondary research
    Design analysis and synthesis
    Physical human factors
    Information architecture
    Concept development & prototyping
    Usability testing
    Data visualization
    Communication deliverables
  • Personal

    Team collaboration experience, excellent time management, passionate, leadership & administrative capabilities

My Projects

  • Hello Weird   |   In Progress

    • Furthering the current functionality of Weird Things About Me into a mobile application
    • Created an easy-to-use design for users to upload a weird posts on the go
    • Future features include connecting with other people with similiar "weird" interests and personalized data visualizations

    The Campus List   |   Inactive

    • Founded The Campus List with three other students from Cedarville University
    • Created a classifieds website, free for college students, that allows individuals to easily post and view ads and conduct transactions within their own college campus communities
    • Worked on all stages of the website, developing business, conceptual, and visual materials
    • Interactive web finalist in the AIGA Flux 09 contest
  • PlayPause   |   Conceptual Phase

    • A simplistic and streamlined app to control multiple music sources from your phone
    • Control both the locations and volume of sound across multiple devices
    • Will be available on both Apple and Android platforms

    Hooked Creative   |   Inactive

    • Created a centralized hub for designers, developers, and marketing specialists to collaborate
    • Worked with the team to build a shared portfolio for collective freelance projects
    • Designed a variety of projects for LWS, Milford Baptist Church and Chocolate Snowball


  • United Way

    Designed the website for Clark, Champaign and Madison Counties via Cerium Group

  • Droid Devil

    An application that allows users to easily monitor the Media Temple server through a modern and clean design

  • Belleair Flowers

    Created a variety of marketing materials
    including business cards,
    signage, and promotional pieces

  • Cerium Group

    Refreshed the current web design and partnered on a variety of freelance projects

  • Diamond Asphalts

    Designed a new identity, website, and promotional materials

Recent Projects

    • Interaction Research Workshop   |   IIT Institute of Design   |   Chicago, IL, 2011

      • Partnered with Facets Mulitmedia to create a new interactive cinema platform
      • Conducted secondary and primary research to learn about online habits of film buffs
      • Focused on creating both a new online experience and sustainable business model
    • Interaction Research Workshop   |   IIT Institute of Design   |   Chicago, IL, 2011

      • Worked for an industrial client to enhance the customer service experience
      • Practiced methods for design research, concept development, interaction design, and rapid prototyping
      • Explored possible interaction design topics such as persuasive design, multimodal interaction, touch and gesture based systems, speech recognition systems, and context aware systems
    • ID Design Planning   |   IIT Institute of Design   |   Chicago, IL, 2010

      • Worked in small teams to create an iPhone application with an innovative purpose and a successful business model to teach children about energy conservation
      • Developed an understanding of the basic ideas, frameworks, and capabilities that modern design planning and innovation demand
      • Created an application called Pictivity, which allows children to be the voice of change for environmental issues


  • Running

    I love to run. I am currently training for the 2013 Chicago Marathon.
  • Nonprofit

    I have been on several short-term mission trips to Thailand, Ecuador, London, and China.
  • Outdoors

    Nothing beats an adventure in the open outdoors.


  • Prototyping

    Paper, Axure, Balsamiq, Muse, Flair Builder, Flash Catalyst
  • Design

    Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Fireworks
  • Technical

    Microsoft Office, iWork, Processing & Arduino