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19 Years Later

19 Years Later

I stumbled across this picture of myself on the first day of pre-school. Flash forward 19 years and I am now starting my last year of grad school. Wow does time fly fast. And yes this will make an excellent Mother’s Day gift.

Inspiring Quotes #1

Stick to your vision, but adapt your plan”
- Brian Maggi

Perfect is the enemy of done”
- Voltaire

It’s a dirty secret that much of what we admire in the design world is a byproduct not of “strategy” but of common sense, taste and luck. Some clients are too unnerved by ambiguity to accept this, and create garganuan superstructures of bullshit to provide a sense of security.”
- Michael Beirut

Two Essential Principles for a User Centric Navigation

The navigation is hands down one of the most important parts of a website. It lays the foundation for a succsseful user friendly experience. There are by far more then two things you can do to create a solid navigation, but keeping these principles in mind will help you set sail in the rite direction.

1. People should know where they are at all times within the experience and be able to quickly navigate back to where they first started.

This is a big one… I don’t know how many times I have arrived on a random page to find I have no clue where I was. A simple breadcrumb and clear title structure will help users get their bearings.

2. People should be able to go anywhere at any point in the experience.

There is nothing worse then not being able to get somewhere within a website without having to pass through a series of back buttons and hull a hoops. Creating a constant navigation, search, footer, well help those users who decide to take a different path on your website.

Fresh Off the Press: ID Buttons

Just got in the buttons I created for my schools getting started party! Classic Doblin face meets mustache… ID just got a little hipster.

Thanks to Annie for making these with me!

I have been learning a bit about user storytelling and was inspired by this beautiful video. Its message and technical detail create a video that is both moving and spiritually inspiring. I think this level of sophistication would be a unique approach when creating summary videos for user research.

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